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Yes, I am the same person who complained about not being paid for the work I did!! Well after careful thought, I realize I am the one at fault in this matter. This professional took his time to teach me a very valuable asset in his industry as a professional painter.

You see I am an artsy type of artist, in other words canvas, etc. painting. He took the time to teach me how to paint, texture and finish in a residential setting. In this time of so many people being out of work, or not having experience to be hireable I was priviledged to be taught another way to earn a living.

We worked out our differences; mostly it was my not understanding how this industry works. I was assuming I'd get paid immediately upon completion of one building, not knowing that the job was contracted to be paid on completion of the project.

I was wrong, and I retract my complaint against "That KC Painter Guy', and am deeply sorry for any wrong it caused him or his business.

If I could go back and redo that situation I'd gladly take the blame for being unwise to the outcome. I wholeheartly acknowledge that his business is upstanding and of the highest quality you;ll find in this area. You'll get the best for a very reasonable price.

I am really in his debt for taking a chance with me, and ask that the blame be put on me for any problem that my ignorance might have caused him. I humbly ask his forgiveness for my misguided tirade and hope that he not hold it against me for being so ***.

I also ask that you as the public overlook that *** childish blog that was posted on Google Ads. I'm truly sorry for wasting the space with my ignorance. I'm truly hoping for you forgiveness also. With much regret I sign off.

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